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There is a simple science to fat loss that has been hidden. Fortune hunting companies earn big on the and hopes of men and women, but I will reveal the truth that they have kept from you...

National level physique champion and natural bodybuilder, personal trainer, nutritionist and success coach, teaches you how to accelerate your metabolism, tone your muscle, burn off body fat! He has taught thousands of people to get leaner faster!

Are you one of those who say... I Have Bad Genetics... I've Never Succeed at Losing Weight... I Have Stubborn Fat And It Won't Budge... ? By landing here you've found the fat burning system that will work for you!


My Friend,

You're about to discover the most powerful fat loss system ever exposed to the mass public. The same diet program fitness models and physique competitors use to reach super lean body fat levels and get perfect levels of muscle tone.

My name is Sebastian MacLean and over the past 20 years, I've developed and perfected, a 100% guaranteed system for burning body fat. This is based on little-known nutrition secrets of competitive natural fitness models.

Learn how to lose body fat... even in resistant areas... without drugs, without supplements, and without harming your metabolism. I guarantee it and will show you how!

Sebastian MacLean 

3% Body Fat


Sebastian's program is the most effective weight loss method I have ever applied. I was 162 lbs and at 5 feet tall I new I was over weight. After just three months on The Fat Burn Truth system, I was down to 128 pounds.

Margot MacLean,
Nashwaksis, Canada

I had always entered figure competitions using methods that resulted in my muscle toning disappearing more than I wanted it to. Sebastian showed me how to lose the fat and keep my muscle tone. A faster metabolism has made me a better figure competitor.

Allison Hilder,
Fredericton, Canada

I just wanted to get in slightly better shape, but with The Fat Burn Truth methods I began to realize I could shape my body to any level I wanted. After just a few months of seeing my body fat melt away and my muscle tone changing, I decided to do my first figure competition.

Naomi Burgess
Island View, Canada

Sebastian really helped me after I had found myself struggling with old methods of dieting. Thanks to his approach I didn't give up on achieving the figure I was after and I was able to achieve the results I wanted.

Jaclyn Wilson,
New Brunswick, Canada

As a woman in her sixties, I really didn't think these modern fat loss programs applied to me, but Sebastian cleared up a lot of my misconceptions through his very comprehensive approach. I was able to lose the twenty pounds that I had been struggling with for years.

Anne MacLean,
Tracy, Canada

What Makes The Fat Burn Truth So Exciting is
That it Reveals Your Ability To...

  • Burn fat without destroying your metabolism. Many people start a diet, then smash into the often encountered plateau. Most diets slowed down your their metabolism. This system teach you how to prevent your metabolism from crashing, by firing up your "metabolic engine" and boost your body's natural rate of calorie-burning.


  • Burn fat without "exotic" substances. Mention bodybuilders and people think of steroids. However, natural bodybuilders have learned how to use training and nutrition science to alter body composition without drugs. Now you can learn these fat burning secrets from a natural national level bodybuilding champion who knows from experience exactly how it's done.


  • Lose fat without fad supplements. Most supplements are a total waste of money! You are being lied to and ripped off, in most cases, by crooked companies that don't care about your health and well-being. The Fat Burn Truth looks at the few supplements that can help and shows you how your results can be achieved without wasting money on useless products.


Who Am I And Why Should You Listen to Me

There are thousands of diet programs and dozens of people claiming to be experts. However, very few of these so-called "Fat loss experts" practice what they preach or have the experience and track record to back up their claims. Since you're probably wondering how this program is different, here's the whole story:

I've been bodybuilding for 25 years and competed for over 12 years. I've been involved in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, weight loss company co-owner, nutritionist, freelance writer and fitness based film producer for nearly 18 years. Bodybuilding and fitness is a huge part of my life.

"Sebastian has an impressive natural physique. I know of very few natural bodybuilders who possess such control of their body's development that they are able to compete, and win, on both the tested and none tested stage. The guy knows his stuff."

Wayne McKnight
Contest Promoter and Photographer

�It's amazing, but Sebastian has literally transferred what I have witnessed him applying in the gym on to paper for everyone to use. The results he and his clients achieved tell you all you need to know. �

Scott Blackmore
Personal Trainer and Gym Owner


International Fitness Writer And
Bodybuilding Magazine Personality

You may have seen my photos or articles in some of the magazines or on the Internet: I've been in Musclemag International, Sport Fitness (German), Muscular Development, American Health & Fitness, and Maximum Fitness. I've written a number of articles on bodybuilding, fat loss, fitness and have been covered during film production work. 

I'm a competitive bodybuilder and I've won three state/provincial and two regional championships. I've even gone as far as 2nd place in the Canadian Nationals and 6th in the Canadian World Qualifier contests.

20 Years of Study, Research, Trial, Error and Experimentation

I've spent most of my life studying bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition. Since I my youth, I started studying! I was voracious! I read every book on bodybuilding, getting lean, weight training, fitness, exercise physiology, dieting, bio-mechanics, and nutrition that I could get my hands on.

I took home stacks of the latest research on physiology and nutritional biochemistry. At one point, I had saved up over 1000 fitness and muscle magazines and had read every one of them from cover to cover! My library was so huge I could easily have built a wall by stacking them, but instead I read them all.

Then, I Turned Myself Into My Own Experiment!

Book knowledge is one thing, but it's not the same as knowledge from experience. I didn't just want my brain stuffed with scientific facts, figures and theories; I wanted to experience the effects firsthand. Personal experience is the only true teacher, and believe me...

I Tried It All!

I tried high carbohydrate diets with practically no fat. I tried the Zone and Isometric diets. I tried food combining. I tried food separating. I tried high protein and "ketogenic" diets including the tuna fish and water diet. I tried the cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD) and body opus. I even tried - get a load of this - the so-called "anabolic" high fat diet (no pancakes, bagels or toast were allowed, but bacon, sausage and whole eggs in butter were just fine.) I also tried every supplement from Amino acids to Zinc. Believe me, I've tried it all!

Now, 20 Years and Thousands of Hours Later,
I Made Discovered Some Impressive and Some Appalling Things

I found out that most people are getting ripped off by supplement companies. I learned that most magazines are really just "supplement catalogs" and that dishonest companies will tell you anything to make a fast buck.

The diet and supplement industries are full of corrupt people that are getting rich by preying on your anxieties, hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, there's been little way of protecting yourself from being victimized by these scams - until now.

The second thing I discovered is that almost everyone is wrong in the way they diet to lose body fat. In fact, the way you're dieting to lose weight might be severely damaging your metabolism.

Is Your Diet Making You FATTER?

If you're making the same deadly diet mistakes as most other people, you might lose some weight temporarily, but you'll actually get fatter in the long run. Your body is just way too smart for these "ordinary" diets to ever work - you can't fool a metabolic and hormonal system that's the result of an incredibly fine tuned machine - You have to work with your metabolism, not against it!

When I finally figured out what was going on in the weight loss and supplement industries, I decided I had to do something about it: I poured everything out of my head onto paper and began coaching people using the new fat loss system I developed.

Now, for the first time ever, the same fat burning system that has helped hundreds of my personal clients slash their body fat literally in half is available to you in a single, information packed e-book:

Introducing "The Fat Burn Truth": Revealing The Techniques Used By The World's Best Physique Competitors and Fitness Models

"The Fat Burn Truth" is a fat burning manual in downloadable e-book format, filled with the details on fat loss methods previously known by only a small number of the worlds best fitness models and bodybuilders. The big diet industry has been praying that this information never gets out. This program has all the information you'll ever need to burn off body fat permanently without muscle loss and without using drugs or unnecessary supplements.

Here's Just a Small Sample of What You'll Learn When You Download
Your Copy of The Fat Burn Truth Today:

Book 1: Getting Started

  • Get the history behind the method 

  • Learn about some the methods used to develop the program

  • Health and nutrition tips to enhance your progress

  • Preparation tips for beginning your Naturally Massive development

Book 2: Burn Phase

Getting your metabolism to explode into action and burn all that body fat requires that your body target its fat stores and preserve muscle tissue. Much like building the launch pad for a rocket, the Burn Phase prepares a foundation for your metabolism to explode from. In this section you learn...

  • The details behind why the Burn Phase is necessary and what it does for your body.

  • What supplements you can take and which ones you shouldn't while going through the Burn Phase.

  • The vital role that water plays in this part of your training. 

  • A specialized diet method for causing your system to eliminate fat and build muscle tissue. 

  • Menu samples and meal structure for the Burn Phase

  • Exactly how you can design your own macronutrient structured meal plan. 

  • A detailed examination of frequently asked Burn Phase questions.

  • The Burn Phase workout, which covers what you will need to do in the gym for maximum effect.

  • Sample workouts that cover exercise details and specialized instruction on form.

  • The Burn Phase cardio workout that targets rapid fat loss and maximum muscle tone retention.

  • The Burn Phase workout's most frequently asked questions and all the answers you need.

Book 3: Boost Phase

If you have followed my instructions from the Burn Phase, be prepared to see your metabolism hit a new high note that few had thought possible for natural training. You are now in complete control of how much fat loss or muscle tone you wish to achieve. Here is what you learn...

  • The details behind why the Boost Phase rapidly adjust your lean muscle tone on your frame and what it does for your body.

  • What supplements you can take and which ones you shouldn't while going through the Boost Phase.

  • The vital role that water plays in this part of your training. 

  • A specialized diet method for exploding your rate of fat loss, gains in muscle tone, and increasing your strength levels through the roof. 

  • Menu samples and meal structure for the Boost Phase

  • Exactly how you can design your own Boost Phase meal plan, using the exact methods I use for perfecting diet. 

  • A detailed examination of frequently asked Boost Phase diet questions.

  • The Boost Phase workout, which covers what you will need to do in the gym for maximum effect.

  • Sample workouts that cover exercise details and specialized instruction on form.

  • The Boost  Phase workout's most frequently asked questions and all the answers you need.

Book 4: Charts and Logs

This book is full of charts, logs and check lists that you will need to set goals, monitor your progress and track your results. Each of these is specially designed to enhance your training and diet results in each phase.

Book 5 & 6: Sample Menus

These sections each provide detailed sample menus for a weeks worth of meal preparation in each of the two workout phases. Not only do you receive these specially designed menus, but every recipe for each meal suggestion is included as well. All recipes are precisely balanced to the specifications of each program phase.

Book 7: The Mindset Memos

This section focuses on mental strategies that will help you achieve your results and understand the psychology behind achieving what you are after. These are not just broad philosophies but things you can actually do to improve your results.

Here are some the issues addressed in more general terms throughout The Fat Burn Truth:

  • Why many diets don't work in the long run...and the exact steps you must take to be in the small percentage of people who lose the weight and keep it off.

  • Why your ability to understand your energy levels effect on your metabolism can be a lifesaver to your weight loss goals.

  • The food you will need to eat to lose weight

  • The foods you will need to avoid in order to lose weight

  • How to break through any fat loss plateau - even if you've been stuck at the same weight for years! The two phase system in The Fat Burn Truth cuts right through the sticking points.

  • Why dieting below your critical calorie level can cause serious damage to your metabolism. Find out how to avoid ever getting stuck... also, the precise calculations for your optimal calorie level (it's different for everyone - copy someone else and you'll fail)

  • Why eating certain "good" fats can actually speed up fat loss and increase your energy levels... and precisely how much of them you need for optimal effects 

  • Why you have been lied to anytime someone gave you a workout and said it was the only thing you need to burn fat. I will show you how to keep your body from adapting to one method.

  • How to crank up your metabolism and turn your body into a food-incinerating, fat-melting human blast furnace! Easy metabolism-boosting techniques revealed!

  • Important lessons you can learn from the diet methods that advocate a single approach...including the reasons why most people fail on both of these diets in the long run

  • The supplement companies will hope you never find out about my answer to powdered and liquid meal replacements drinks

  • A simple method to increase the fat burning effects of your cardio workout by up to 300%

  • How to boost your energy levels higher than you ever thought possible - almost instantly! (you'll notice the difference the very first day)

  • Why certain group exercise classes and athletic activities are not effective fat burners (if you're taking classes and not seeing results - you need to know this!)

  • Why some people always seem to gain back the fat they've lost and how to keep it off for good

  • What you must do before you set foot in a gym or start a fat loss program...(it' will decide your success or failure before you even get started!)

  • Make sure your body never goes into "starvation mode" and what you must do immediately if you suspect it's already happened to you

  • Meal frequency and timing techniques that will amplify your body's natural rate of calorie-burning 

  • How to get your body burning fat around the clock, including in your sleep!

  • Find out how much water to consume so that it instantly boosts your muscle contractile strength by 10-15%, increase your capacity for prolonged aerobic exercise by an average of 25% and stimulate your cellular machinery to burn fat for fuel more efficiently.

  • Why this "almost magical" combination of three types of food will boost your metabolism for maximum fat loss, increase lean body mass and send your energy levels skyrocketing!

  • Why you will almost ALWAYS fail to keep the fat off permanently if you use a conventional low carbohydrate diet - If you've failed on low carb diets before (especially diets that put you in ketosis), this is the reason why!

  • How a "unique new spin" on the old low carb diet can increase your rate of fat loss to the maximum possible without muscle loss or metabolic downgrade

  • The truth about how much cardio you REALLY need to lose body fat and when you should do it for maximum impact

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about weight training for fat loss...including detailed answers to the a number of frequently asked questions

  • The psychology of fat loss...Goal setting and motivation strategies that program your mind for success...Follow this "mental training formula" and you'll be zoned into eating properly and working out consistently! 

  • The psychological reason why most people sabotage themselves...just when their diets are beginning to work..and how to make sure this never happens to you!

The Fat Burn Truth is so much more than just an "e-book" - it's a total system for success - the most effective nutrition system for fat loss ever created! No fads or gimmicks - just the FACTS you need to know to get lean NOW.

Start Using This Powerful System NOW To Get Leaner Than You've Ever Been Before!

Of course, you may be saying to yourself, "Sebastian, I am sure YOU can reach single digit body fat levels and the genetically gifted bodybuilders and fitness stars can get paper-thin skin and razor-sharp muscle definition using all those "advanced techniques," but me... Come on!... is it really possible?"

Good question and I have good news; The Fat Burn Truth system was designed by a bodybuilder, but it's not just for bodybuilders. In fact, 90% of my clients and thousands of my correspondence customers are "average people": teachers, students, parents, business owners, musicians, accountants, financial planners and lawyers. They're busy people with social lives, careers and families. You don't have to live in the gym all day to get fantastic results with this system.

It doesn't matter what your goals are: Most of the principles are the same whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds; whether you want to be 13% body fat or 3% body fat; whether you want to compete in a bodybuilding or fitness show or you just want to look good in a shorts and a tank top.

Whatever your goals, when you finally decide to stop making the same mistakes that have been holding you back and you diligently begin applying the techniques in The Fat Burn Truth, you can literally choose the body you want:

1. The body of a competitive bodybuilder or fitness model
2. A lean and ripped body with "six pack abs," and nice muscle tone,
3. A fit and lean body with nice shape, and enough definition so you can see your abs and look good in a bathing suit.
4. Just look better than you do now.

Stop The Fat Loss Confusion!

There is a ton of conflicting advice about fat loss and it probably feels like your going to go nuts trying to sort through it all! Believe me, I understand!

Some programs tell you to eat low carbs, others tell you to eat high carbs. Some say calories don't count, others say count your calories. Some say eat high protein, others tell you too much protein is bad for you. Some say eat fat to lose fat, others say eat fat and you get fat.

All these so-called "experts" make arguments that sound completely logical. Sometimes they even give you long lists of scientific references to back up their claims. But who the heck are you supposed to believe?

The More You Study And Read,
The More Confused You Get!

If you're frustrated and confused by all this conflicting information, then The Fat Burn Truth will finally make everything clear.

This is the program that actually pulls all these pieces together and makes them fit in a way that makes perfect sense. I know it is wild to think of these apparently conflicting strategies as working together in some way, but when you see how this works you will get it right away. All the pieces of the fat loss puzzle will finally fall into place. You'll finally understand the truth about diets, calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, supplements and everything else you need to burn fat fast.

The Fat Burn Truth will give you the power to take action without doubt or fearful procrastination. You'll engage this system with confidence, knowing you're doing it the right way.

Don't Trust Other Sources of Information

You never know if you're getting the truth or if someone's lying to try to sell you something. Before you jump on the bandwagon with the latest diet or supplement "guru" you should ask yourself some serious questions:

Don't you find it odd that the people who write a lot of these books are supplement companies?

Doesn't it seem strange that half of the what is in most major fitness magazines is about the latest "breakthroughs" in nutritional supplements when the magazines own the supplement companies?

If supplements are all so effective, then why do new ones come out every year - what happened to last year's supplements?

If there were pills or supplements that truly burn fat to any noticeable degree, then why are there more overweight people today than ever before in history? Wouldn't everyone be lean? Think about it.

You Already Know The Answer...

The Fat Burn Mini Course 

Before you finish reading this letter, discover the truth that many in the fat loss industry have tried to make a mystery. These coaching tips are my gift to you for just checking out my website. 

Don't wait, find out about BURNING FAT. Here are just a few things you will discover through my free coaching tips:

  • Find out what the best training and dieting technique really is
  • Discover some of the best places to get support and advice
  • Hear about the best form of cardio for fat loss
  • Find out how water can impact your weight loss
  • Discover a secret technique to recovering from exercise quickly
  • Find out about a rarely used method for increasing your exercise results
  • I will show you how you can burn more fat, based on when you train
  • I reveal how to eat and how to plan it all out
  • Find out how the way you handle sleep can impact your weight

Just leave your name and email below and I�ll send you the mini-course in your email. It�s FREE � and you�ll also get the weekly fat burning tips as an extra bonus.

We respect email privacy: Your e-mail address will be kept private and secured. Just remember to check your bulk folder if you don't see my confirmation email in the next few moments.

The Diet Methods Most People Are Using DON'T WORK!
Most People Who Lose Weight Gain it All Back

North Americans are fatter than ever and they're going to keep getting fatter unless they do something about it! The Surgeon General and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) tell us that more than 120 million Americans - 60% of the adult population - are overweight! Statistics from the CDC also prove that the problem is getting worse. This means that the way people are dieting today is not only ineffective, it's less effective than ever before! Why?

The Way Most People Are Trying To Do It Makes It Impossible!

If you're like most dieters, the reason you're having such a hard time getting leaner is because your body won't respond to many of the methods out there and you could be utterly destroying your metabolism in the process! If you continue killing your metabolism with faulty nutrition practices, it's will get harder and harder to get lean in the future.

Nearly all of the popular diet programs today suffer from the same flaws. People are unsuccessful at losing fat and are repeating the same mistakes over and over again, yet they expect to see different results.

Successful natural bodybuilders do things differently than dieters who fail. The physique athlete's way to fat burning allows you to shed fat while keeping lean body mass - and that's the answer to your success - maintain your tone and maximize your metabolism so you burn fat 24 hours a day - even while you sleep.

Why Try And Learn This On Your Own Through Trial And Error? That's called the Hard Way. Take the Short Cut to Fat Loss Follow an EXPERT!

Look, you could apply years of trial and error or - in a matter of hours - you can read this system and master the fat burning secrets known by a few of the world's greatest physique athletes? Then parlay your newfound knowledge into your perfect body in a matter of a few short months.

I wish someone had handed me this years ago, when I was just getting started! Learning even half of these secrets would have short cut my success by a decade or more!  These are secrets many people don't take the time to discover by trying to do it on their own.

The fastest way to reach a goal is to "model" someone who has already achieved what you want. Simply find the people who have already done what you want, find out how they did it and copy what they did.

Elite bodybuilders and fitness competitors have perfected the art of losing body fat while keeping muscle tone. Obviously, they know something about fat loss that the rest of the world doesn't. So your strategy is easy - find out how the bodybuilders do it and model them. No problem, right? Maybe not...

Unlikely to Get This Information Anywhere Else

One challenge is tracking down an elite and successful competitor who has the  knowledge and experience. Not all who compete as a bodybuilder are good at what they do and even if you can find one that is, MOST WON'T REVEAL THEIR SECRETS!

You see, physique athletes are highly competitive by nature. If they tell you how they get lean for competition, they would be giving away their playbook! The reality is that this type of nutrition information is not easy to come by.

Even if you did find someone who was willing, few possess the communication skills to pass their knowledge to you in a systematic format. Take away the ones on drugs (that's a lot of them) and the ones with supplement endorsement contracts, (giving biased information for money), and who does that leave? Well I guess that leaves you with at least one reliable source that you can count on - Me; Sebastian MacLean.

Let Me Take You By The Hand And Teach You
The Fat Burning Techniques Of the Leanest Bodies on The Planet...
Cutting Edge Truth Straight From the Place It Happens

These are not theories created by a guy in a white lab coat who has never seen the inside of a gym. I practice what I preach and use this system myself. I've competed in 10 bodybuilding competitions. Does it make sense to listen to passive theorist who ramble endlessly about theories while they're sporting large stomachs? Half of these "diet experts" end up dead from heart attacks! Are these the best people to model?

I've been through it... The sweat, the discipline, the tears, the frustration... The motivation that comes and goes... When you finally make it to the gym, everybody has some piece of advice for you and you don't know who to trust... You tried the supplements, went on the diets, choked down those shakes as thick as pancake batter and they didn't do anything more than give you gas... and then you found out they were only making you fatter because of all the sugar in them... You ordered the video from that maniac jumping up and down on the infomercial, and then you watch it and it turns out to be a bunch of crap, just ending up on your shelf to collect dust... right next to your "abdominal" machine that you never used.

Don't feel bad - you're not alone. I've been there. I worked my way up the ladder, learned the game slowly and painfully, made all the mistakes, believed in the wrong things, trusted the wrong people, and now I'm ready to give something back. That's why I'm doing this.

Here Is Why I Decided to Reveal This Information to the Public
For the First Time

For years, the only way you could get this information was to enroll in my $2000.00 a month personal coaching program. And that's if I could even take you as a client.

Right now, my job of running a production company and assisting my partners with web-based software developments operations takes up about 60 hours every week and I'm getting busier with each passing month because we plan on expanding operations soon. When you factor in the time I need for my own workouts, I'm currently not available for personal coaching anymore.

I decided that the only way I could possibly continue to help more people would be to put my fat burning system into a written format that was simple, complete, easy to understand and easy to apply. Then I would make it available to anyone truly dedicated to self-improvement with the sincere desire to learn and the willingness to work hard. And that's exactly what I did:

Now, for the first time, I am releasing my fat-burning system, The Fat Burn Truth as an instantly downloadable e-book.

Because the e-book is downloadable, you can order it right here on this web page from anywhere in the world and get started TODAY. Thanks to technology and the Internet, just minutes from now, with a couple of mouse clicks, you can be one step closer to the lean body you've always wanted!

ORDER TODAY and you'll receive the following
FREE bonuses worth $200 or more!

As an additional bonus for ordering TODAY, you'll also get two FREE bonuses which were meant only to be available to a small group of clients in my e-mail mentoring programs, or you there would have been a charge of $25.95 for each upgrade. These bonuses will take all the guesswork and confusion out of any upcoming new information. They are yours absolutely FREE if you order today:


BONUS #1: FREE Updates to the The Fat Burn Truth e-book. When you come on board with me, I will be with you for the long term in continuing to find ways to make the program better, and easier to follow. If new editions of the e-book are released, you will receive e-book updates absolutely free. That's right, unlike most other books,  when a new, updated edition of The Fat Burn Truth is released, you get it for FREE! It's easy - I will simply contact you through my private clients list and send you instant download instructions so you can stay totally up to date on the latest breakthroughs.


BONUS #2: Free subscription to the Fat Burn Newsletter and Any Coaching Bonuses, the first of which is a bonus abs training report. This newsletter is filled with fat burning and muscle building gems. You'll get practical, useable tips and articles right at your fingertips in this trove of information. This bonus is currently FREE, but has a value of at LEAST $100/yr, and I may begin charging for subscriptions at any time without prior notice. But don't worry, ORDER The Fat Burn Truth TODAY and your FREE subscription is GUARANTEED for life.

Here is the Bottom Line.
The Complete Program Cost...

Since there are no printing costs for e-books, you can get this e-book instantly (no waiting for the snail mail!) Your investment in this life-changing e-book is only $44.95! You get the The Fat Burn Truth e-book, a special abdominal development report, both bonus subscriptions including the ongoing updates for just $24.99!

Don't wait a minute to order at this low price! The regular price of the The Fat Burn Truth program was going to be $99.95 after the introductory promotion. However, because of a set of expansion tools I am working on for those using the program, I am lowering the price even further, to $24.99 until we decide to make The Fat Burn Truth one element of a future package. So grab it at this insanely low price while you can.

Once you place your order on Clickbank's secure server, you will be directed to the download page, where you can download your fat loss manual and get started IMMEDIATELY. The e-book is in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read it right on your computer screen, or you can even print out your own hard-copy and put in a 3 ring binder.

Click Here Now to Order - Only $59.99 $24.99


That's all there is to it. Once you've downloaded your book, read the entire manual from cover to cover. Then take action and start immediately! The instructions and menus are all there so you can start today with your very next meal!

This is not a quick fix, so don't expect instant results, but when the results do come - look out! You'll notice the first changes start to happen in the very first two weeks. By the third week, you'll be leaner, harder and more toned - enough that others will take notice and wonder what you're doing to look so good. Every week after that it will get better and better as fat quickly burns away and your metabolic rate starts "racing".

By the 90-day mark, your metabolism will be burning so hot and you'll feel so great that your friends will be practically breaking down your door to find out how you're getting so lean. Best of all, you'll know that the fat loss you've achieved is permanent and you will maintain the knowledge of how you got there.

Click Here Now to Order - Only $59.99 $24.99

For the Cost of a Personal Training Session, You Will Learn The Inside Information Of The World's Best Bodybuilders and Fitness Models That Has Been Hidden For Decades!

Look at it this way: The money you invest in this program is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money you've probably wasted on useless supplements and fad diets that didn't work. It's less than many personal trainers would charge for one hour!

The best news of all is that the cost of this manual is absolutely nothing unless the program works for you because I offer an...


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Scrutinize the course closely. Examine it. Test it for up to 8 weeks. Use the program to the max.

If you're not thrilled with your results, then I want you to simply write and tell me, and I'll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

On the other hand, if The Fat Burn Truth helps you get leaner than you've ever been before, then I want you to e-mail me your success story or testimonial to tell me about the results you achieved - and tell all your friends about it too.

Finish With all the Weight Loss Fads, Pills and "Miracle Solutions" That Failed You in the Past. Get Ready to Do it the Right Way. THIS IS IT! The Honest and Effective Fat Burn Solution You've Been Searching For

If you're even remotely interested in learning the truth about fat loss, then you owe it to yourself to try The Fat Burn Truth. If it's not for you, I'll understand. Frankly, this program isn't for everyone. Many people in this world are going to keep looking for a magic pill or quick fix. But I don't think you would have read this far if you were a person to follow the crowd.

I'm not looking for followers - I'm looking for winners who are sick of marketing hype in this industry and are willing to put in the hard work necessary to make their dreams reality - people who simply need the right information and motivation to help make it happen.

If you're one of those people - ready to make the commitment and willing put forth the effort - then come on board with me and order today.

Sincerely, Your Friend and Coach,

Sebastian MacLean


Remember, with the "no questions asked" total refund guarantee, there's no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose by trying this system, but you need to act quickly to get in on this offer before the price goes up, so click on the link below to order today!

Click Here Now to Order - Only $59.99 $24.99

Note that your credit card or bank statement will indicate your payment is being deducted by ClickBank.

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