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Sebastian MacLean

Sebastian MacLean

National Level Canadian Physique Champion & Author



It's about time someone hand over the truth about getting in shape from home. You don't need hours a day in a gym to start developing the body you want.

You do need a mission though, so I'm asking you to get involved in my effort to get in shape for an upcoming action film, called TUFF. I plan on sharing my transformation experience and I want you to transform with me. I also want to share with you how the whole film development process is going, so by the time you and I can watch the film, we have transformed together. I'll keep you updated on this by email and through my blog, once you sign up for free.

I know getting in shape isn't easy for everyone. In fact, when you have a job, family and other activities, making time a challenge, it can seem almost impossible to do what many programs require. Believe me, I have been juggling all this myself and that is why I have to go through this process myself. This is where my Hibernation Training method comes in.

It's a very simple, basic, approach that uses limited dumbbell and barbell exercise, combined with materials everyone has at home.

Hibernation Training activates muscle fiber growth in less than 15 minutes a day, while also eliminating body fat.

I was going to put my little secret down on paper and sell it to you for $9.95, but I have decided everyone need to see how poweful this is, so I am giving this to you for FREE!


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NOTE: I am looking for testemonials from anyone who tries this program, especially people tracking their progress with photos. Feel free to update me on your results and enjoy the program! - Sebastian

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