Born in Toronto Ontario, Sebastian's family moved to east coast New Brunswick when he was five years old. With the minimal distractions of country life Sebastian found the perfect foundation for his interest in the physical human condition. At this tender age that he began a routine of exercise, influenced by his father. Regular push-up routines were his main focus until, at age eleven, Sebastian began researching biomechanics and preparing to become a world-class physique athlete.

In 1990, when he was just fourteen, Sebastian's understanding of physical development brought him to the attention of inner city youth organizers in the United States. The organization brought Sebastian to Georgia and put him in charge of handling exercise programs for underprivileged youth.

At age fifteen, Sebastian jumped into a competitive bodybuilding career. Winning third in his first provincial contest, he was the youngest competitor at that time to have ever competed on the New Brunswick stage. Over the following ten years Sebastian expanded his studies into the areas of biochemistry, sports nutrition, and kinesiology. During this time Sebastian won some of the biggest titles in Atlantic Canadian bodybuilding, then went on to place as high as2nd on the Canadian national bodybuilding stage.

As a natural bodybuilder Sebastian believes in the absolute necessity of proper eating and nutrition as a vital component to rapid and consistent training progress. His experience has resulted in many individuals seeking his advice on issues of weight loss, muscular development, and recuperative / reparative nutrition and strength training. His clients have ranged from bodybuilders to homemakers, teens to seniors and cancer survivors to the visually impaired.

In 2001, Sebastian combined his background in film with his interest in physical conditioning by producing, writing and co-directing a documentary called Facing Goliath. This production followed Sebastian and his visually impaired friend, as Sebastian worked to help him shed almost eighty pounds and become a competitive bodybuilder. This was a challenging task, since his subject had never exercised a day in his life and only began to work with Sebastian after turning fifty.

Sebastian continues to instruct people in the science of physical transformation. He has written two books and writes a variety of articles for international fitness publications, such as Maximum Fitness, American Health and Fitness and Musclemag International. He continues to work at encouraging others to believe that, "who you are does not have to be defined by the past, but can be a result of your willingness to change for the future".

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